Get Rid of Nail Fungus with Inexpensive Homemade Remedies

Homemade Remedies To Stop Nail Fungus... Do They Work?

Can nail fungus be treated with homemade remedies? Some of the readers have claimed that nail fungus can be stopped without the need for expensive prescription drugs. We want to know if you have tried any homemade remedies and if it cured your nail fungus. A growing number of people who have been suffering from ugly nail fungus have reported varying levels of success using homemade anti-fungal solutions. Everything from household cleaning solutions to Vicks Vapor Rub has been said to cure fungus under the nails. Since prescription treatments such as Lamasil and other topical solutions cost a large sum of money it may be worthwhile to try these alternatives as you really have nothing to lose except disgusting nail fungus. Here's a quick rundown of some popular homemade treatments that may stop nail fungus.

  • Killing Fungus with Hydrogen Peroxide

    Hydrogen peroxide Hydrogen peroxide is a safe topical antiseptic that has been used as a debriding agent (removal of dead skin cells...), a mouthwash/rinse and strangely enough to control fungus on fish and fish eggs. It's an oxidizing agent and apparently has worked for many readers of to kill nail fungus. One simply soaks the fingers or toes in hydrogen peroxide for a few minutes each day and waits for a healthy nail to begin growing again. The trick appears to be to let it soak long enough that it penetrates the nail bed to get at the fungus.

    You can alternate using hydrogen peroxide one day and say vinegar or one of the following remedies below on other days for a multi-pronged attack on the fungus.

  • Stop Fungus with Vinegar

    Heinz distilled white vinegarWhite distilled vinegar or apple cider vinegar is perhaps the cheapest and easiest household item to use to fight nail fungus. It is said that vinegar inhibits the growth of fungus and continued use allows a clear and healthy nail to grow. It apparently yields great results so long as you use it at least once a day continuously without fail.

    Best way to use vinegar on nails is to use an eyedropper to apply a few drops onto the nail, underneath the nail and cuticle. Some people have advised soaking in a bowl of vinegar, but that may very well be overkill as one must watch that the ph balance of the body is not thrown off. If you notice burning in the throat or skin areas then you should stop. Just use an eyedropper and play it safe. Given how cheap and readily available vinegar is, it should be tried as many have reported great results.

  • Treating Fungus with Vicks Vapor Rub

    Vicks Vapor RubVicks Vapor Rub: the smelly ointment that comes in a little blue jar apparently does a really good job at stopping nail fungus. Not sure why it works although I noticed that turpentine oil is an ingredient in Vick's Vapor Rub. I do recall that after painting for several days in a row I repeatedly used turpentine to wash my hands and under my nails to remove paint and noticed that one of my fungus infected nails looked much clearer than before.

    Since Vicks does have a distinct smell it is best to apply a heavy coat onto each fungus infected nail before going to bed and then washing it off the next morning and then follow up by brushing on some vinegar as described above. Be very careful not to let your Vapor Rub treated nails come to contact or get near the nasal passages and/or eyes while sleeping.

  • The Anti-Fungal Powers of Cornmeal

    fight nail fungus with cornmeal readers have piped in repeatedly about how their family doctor recommended using a cornmeal soak to ward off nail fungus. Apparently cornmeal has natural anti-fungal properties which has even been used successfully in the garden and lawn arenas.

    The recommended procedure is to mix one part cornmeal to two parts warm water. Mix and let stand for about thirty minutes and then add just a little more warm water. Soak the fingers or toes in the mixture for at least thirty to sixty minutes. Do this every three to four days and you too may notice that it works on stubborn fungus of the nails.

  • Listerine

    Some doctors have suggested soaking nails in (the original) Listerine Antiseptic Mouthwash to rid oneself of a mild case of nail fungus. Results vary and one must be diligent and keep up the treatment. Not sure what ingredient in Listerine is responsible for stopping the fungus from growing, but it is certainly worth giving it a try as there are no known side-effects.

  • Other Homemade Fungus Treatments

    We will be adding other homemade treatments that stop fungus shortly, but we want to hear from you and your success stories. Please use the form below to tell us what works and how you use it. By posting your comments and experiences you may help others get rid of nail fungus so start posting.

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  • This is really encouraging. I have been applying the Vicks Vapor Rub to my toenails for the past month and I can see the clear nail starting to grow at the base!!! It seems to take forever, but I hope this works to kill the nail fungus entirely as it's the most promising out of all the things I've tried. Fingers and toes crossed!


  • Apple Cider Vinegar might help reduce nail fungus too. it helps against dandruff.

    i read this on wikipedia:

    "Cider vinegar is also claimed to be a solution to dandruff, in that the acid in the vinegar kills the fungus Malassezia furfur (formerly known as Pityrosporum ovale) and restores the chemical balance of the skin"


  • i have had toe nail fungus for over ten years at least. i have tried all over the counter nail fungus removers and they all didnt work. i have tried using tea tree oil, and bleach method. they both didnt work over a six month period. i didnt have any improvements at all. i want to know what i can do to get rid of it. im so fed up with my nail fungus.


  • I am using an oil that contains jojoba and tea tree, and see my pedicure every 5 weeks, so the nails are manageable. But the fungus is still lodged there, although the oil seems to help - some. I tried ythe vinegar several times, but will try again.
    On Brainiac, a british TV program, they claimed that urine is a good remedy, because it contains ammonia. I wonder if just plain ammonia would do as well...


  • I am fighting a cutaneous fugal infestation with itraconazole but on an asian site they were saying corn meal is a natural anti fungal and that soaking feet in corn meal can help alleviate athletes foot. I started using it in the bath and cornmeal is an excellent scrub and when mixed with water there is an oil that rejuvenates the skin. since my infection is cutaneous I cannot attest to the efficacy of corn meal for toenail fungus but along with vinegar it is worth a try.


  • Hi Sodium Bicarbonate did the trick. When cleaning the fridge and sink as I started to do it daily with out gloves, silly me, not so. I noticed all markings on my finger tips were gone. I also had skin cancers on the back of my hand that are now almost gone its only been 2 weeks and this might be as simple as penicillin was to infections. Its cheap and works. could the sodium Bicarbonate be the cure for fungus even Cancer? is Cancer just a Fungus? Please Follow this up and save people


  • hydrogen peroxide works really well, but be careful with it because it not only rids of the bad fungi but if you soak too long it promotes chemical burns and other ouchies...


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  • yes...vinegar does work!! takes commitement. I 've had nail fungus for over ten years when i decided to get rid of it for once and for all. In the past 3 years, i've tried over the counter oral medications, topical medications spent a fortune and none worked. I tried cutting the nail in desparation but as soon as it grew the fungus was back...finally i decided to do some research on the net out of desperation. Now... why didnt i think of it sooner?????r..

    .i found an array of home remedies and decided with the vinegar,however soaking for 20 minutes a day was not an option so i decied to use an eye dropper bottle instead for convenience. I placed several drops of white vinegar to nail (under and over ) up to six times a day in the begining SPECIALLY after taking showers immediately i could see the nail bed receeding further as if the fungus was reacting to vinegar and trying to hide away from it so i knew it was working seemed that i would get a little bit worse befor getting better so i just had to keep it up. I would take the bottle to work with me and occasionally wet the nail with vinegar any chance i got. even going to beach after coming out of water i had my bottle on hand and discretly was able to still treat my fungus.

    It was after 2 weeks that i can say the fungus stop trying to go deeper into nail bed. so...i knew i was going somewhere, but... still had a very long road ahead. i decided to stick to my guns and kept the vinegar treatment going to 3 applications or so a day (and always after showering) and added Vicks vapor rub at night under the nails as an additional attack. I started this treatment in June 08, now in december 08 (6 months later) i religiously do this and my nail is completely clear. I intend to keep on doing this for another 6 months to be safe. Im so used to this routine now it doesnt bother me to keep on doing it, specially after seeing the incredible results. Its worth it. In fact, if one was to take oral medication there is a good chance you would have to take it for 3 to 6 months everyday in some cases 9 months (without guarantee it would work i might add in my case) costing a fortune plus the side effects on your body. So this is just like taking any other medication. It all comes down to how much you really want to be rid of your fungus. After 10 years for me...i was at the point of wanting to cut off my big toe!!! thats how disgusted i was of it. So...yes the vinegar does work, combined with vicks even better and faster results...but you just have to do it everyday like brushing your teeth, taking a shower and combing your hair, it becomes part of your daily routine.

    I used pure white vinegar with no skin irritations or discomforts for those who want to know. I read that vinegar may not work for some types of fungus, but you may never know it just may work for you like it did for me. and the only way to know is to at least try. Give it a month at least see how fungus reacts or not. If nail bed seems to be receeding then fungus is definetely running from the vinegar and there is a good chance keeping treatment will work.

    (Originally posted: December 15, 2008 10:41:32 PM EST)


  • I have been fighting off a nail fungus in my thumb nail for about 6 months now. I have tried OTC nail fungus treatments, tea tree oil, apple cider vinegar & even bleach. The OTC treatments were a joke, the tea tree oil smelled so bad that I couldn't stand it, and I didn't notice any positive effects. I use a little bleach every once in while, just because I think it has to kill everything (but it turns the dead skin yellow - not so pretty).

    I found the best, most noticeable effects using the vinegar. I apply it twice a day with a Q-tip. When I forget to use it, I can tell that the fungus continues to grow, but when I am diligent with the vinegar use, I can see that the nail bed is healthy and growing. I also keep the nail trimmed close and never use the nail trimmer or file on the healthy nails (don't want to spread the fungus). I had the nail nearly fully grown out at one point, stopped using the vinegar thinking I was cured, but it came back with a vengence. My advice, find what works for you and stick with the routine long after the nail looks cured.

    (Originally posted: June 29, 2009 10:37:30 AM EDT)


  • Clairification -- the vinegar that works best is Cider vinegar. Just this month I tried using plain white distilled vinegar -- the fungus actually got worse. I'm back to using Cider vinegar exclusively and it seems to be working again. Apply as often as possible and stay diligent.

    (Originally posted: July 16, 2009 10:37:30 AM EDT)


  • Try apple cider vinegar for several _HOURS_ and use a toothbrush to massage the nail and surrounding skin.

    Your skin will absorb it and the cuticle will pull back from the nail.

    Let your feet dry and then apply the tea-tree-oil, and massage under the cuticle opening. this is the only way to get to the root.

    (Originally posted: September 3, 2009 2:48:52 PM EDT)


  • I have had toenail fungus for years but knew not what to do other than drugs that do not work.

    Read about the vinegar soak, tried it, and am down to 2 bad nails from 10. You must soak 15 minutes every day without fail even tho it will be a nuciance.Really! It Works!!!

    (Originally posted: January 20, 2010 1:24:39 PM EST)


  • Everytime I swim in sea water my nails are brighter, clearer, whiter so the sea mineral salts must kill bacteria or fungus

    (Originally posted: January 21, 2010 10:39:05 PM EST)


  • I have had nail fungal issues for 30+ years. My primary care doctor gave me instructions for a corn meal soak that completely cleared up the problem in 2 months. I soaked the infected foot in warm water and cornmeal for an hour once per week. You first add warm water to the cornmeal and let it sit for a half hour. Then add more slightly warmer water and soak the foot.

    (Originally posted: February 13, 2010 5:29:09 PM EST)


  • I had a terrible fungul infection on my hand for several months. NOTHING WORKED! Then i tried the 1 part corn meal to 2 parts warm water soak. Let cornmeal soak in warm water for 30 mins then soak hands or feet in the mixture for an hour, IT WORKS!!

    (Originally posted: March 25, 2010 2:18:18 PM EDT)


  • I was told by a physician that 50% Listerine & 50% white vinegar 2-3 times daily brushed on the affected nails will take it away. Well, it worked on only 1 of my nails within 2 weeks. I've read that lime juice 2-3 times daily should do the trick. Oh also, cayenne pepper with a little bit of water left on the nails everyday works. I'm planning to try it next week. I'll let you know what happens.

    (Originally posted: May 1, 2010 12:18:57 AM EDT)


  • I tried sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and a little water to make a paste in a large bowl. I used an old tooth brush to brush the paste into the nails on my feet that were brittle and turning brown. Afterward, I added more water to the mixture and bathed my feet in it and brushed the nails some more. You do not have to brush hard! One can use warm or cold water. Generally, I used cold water, but on occasion I used warm. Both seem to work fine.

    I noticed an improvement right away. I have continued this treatment for several weeks now and have noticed the the brittle nails are softer and the brown areas have turned white. I think those are the areas where the fungus were. Not only that, I do not have any athlete's feet anymore (I used to get that since I enjoy playing basketball and softball) and the nails on my hands are better because of bathing in the solution. These were side effects as primarily I was trying to improve my toe nails.

    (Originally posted: May 2, 2010 5:23:12 AM EDT)


  • I used pure thyme oil painted on the toenails with a small brush. it worked quickly compared to other remedies reported here, a month for myself and I saw healthy nail.
    I applied with a paintbrush because if thyme oil gets on skin it can cause irritation, just a drop irritated my arm but the small amounts on the skin around the nail were absolutely fine.

    If Listerine is working, I'll bet the reason is that one of the ingredients is thymol...a chemical from thyme.

    (Originally posted: May 7, 2010 7:01:40 PM EDT)


  • Ten years my Podiatrist told me the Vicks regamine works and my mother rubbed her feet and toenails with it every night. She was diabetic and not only did it make her feet soft but she never had fungus.

    (Originally posted: May 24, 2010 5:36:48 PM EDT)


  • use bleach it works.


  • use bleach it works!!! soak for one minute each night and let it sit overnight. It really works.


  • I haven't tried any of these yet, but the corn meal sounds, well, sound. Every organic specialist will tell you that corn meal will work on fungus on the yard. Seems a logical extension. Also, I'm going to try adding lemon juice to the vinegar to hopefully improve penetration into the nail bed (citrus acid). I plan to use the lemon juice/ vinegar soak for 15 minutes every evening, Vick's rub nightly, and the cornmeal soak for an hour once a week to start (I'm REALLY tired of this crap ;-) Will report back.


  • its good to see that in the world people unite to help each other imagine if all the goverments did the same, oh well all we can do is pray, i have fungus in my face it seems to react to sweat and very cold and abrupt climate changes, it itches so bad, lately i been using a conazole cream 2% and another one of 1% it dose have some effect but it came back pretty quick, i been considering amonia, since i had read of a woman who nearly lost her life dur to working in the basemnet of her company and got mold in her lungs blood stream and anywhere you can find it, so she started filling the tub with watr and adding 8ozs of amonia now dont try this until you have done full research and contact a profesional on molds and fungi specialist, so he can tell you how much the dilution to water ratio is suposed to be, but this woman is very fond of amonia and claims it saved her life, i have teh avrage case of athleatese foot, but nothing really bad, and one toe is coversd in a nail fungi, but its not to a discomfort level, though i want to say thanks to all the people who sare their experiences to help eah other in this battle for a natural remedie when science seems to fail.


  • oh one thing dont use bleach, fungi and mold eat bleach they love to eat it belive me, its food to them! believe it or not, you will only agravate the problem and make things worse.


  • I have nail fugus on 3 toes. Big toe on left foot and Big toe and little toe on right foot. Just tried the cider vinager soak for 30 minutes. I felt a slight burn on those 3 toe nails only (not painfull). I hope that this is a good sign its killing the fungus. I'll post again with my results.


  • try capsaician0.15% from csv pharmacy...its working for me , its for arthritis pain I ve been dabbing it on my toenail and in just a week have noticed a differance...keeping my fingers crossed, hello flip-flops


  • the most natural otc treatment i ever used was ZeroFungus. it's main active ingredients are hydrogen peroxide, manuka oil, birch oil, and green tea catechins. it's more natural and gentle than bleach. bleach can be toxic to your body, at the same time it can cause irritation on the skin.


  • i have had fungal toenails for around 15 years now and im so fed up of not being able to walk bear footed, wear flip flops, go swimming etc. i went to see my doctor about my fungal infection recently, sent off nail clippings, he now has the results but i am sure he is going to recommend a course of tablets but iv read alot of negative feedback about tablets (liver damage etc) so the last couple of weeks i been using tea tree oil morning and night and a drop of white vinegar on each toe at midday. I can start seeing whit nail appearing from the bottom of the old brown/yellow nail (big toes). Im keeping my fingers crossed that this will work. Will keep posted on further developments.


  • This is truly a blessing to read the results from each individual who is dealing with foot and or hand nail fungas. For 13 years I have been dealing with toe nail fungas, both big toes, and last year all my finger nails were damaged to the point I could hardly cook Xmas dinner! Only 2 finger nails were undamaged. Now I have three finger nails and the 2 big toes! I am miserable and because of all the information I have read on this site it is a wellspring of knowledge! I have baking soda in the house, vicks, and cornmeal. I'm going to try the vicks first because if I was forced to swallow it as a child then it should do wonders by the grace of God for this AWEFUL Fungas! That's some nasty stuff! My right big toe nail has been removed 3x's! One time the doctor the next 2, and the stuff never went away! Now I have relief after reading your posts. Thank you!

    Sheryl aka Cherokee Red


  • I am part of an expedition that is going to be spending 30 days in 100% humidity with cyclones passing through consistently. Going to be near impossible to stay dry.
    Any recommendations on how to keep fungus at bay for that time would be greatly appreciated.


  • Ammonia is showing very promising results. And immediate. My husband splashed some on his toes daily and half his nail has grown in healthy. I started 2 weeks ago and have a nice healthy sliver of beautiful nail growing in. The ammonia smell is bad, to get around that, I use an empty Folgers coffee "can" (plastic) and filled it 3/4 with ammonia. Every morning, I remove the plastic lid, dip my toes for a few seconds and close the lid. DON'T RINSE THE AMMONIA. Just let it dry and go on about your business. there is no sting (be careful about open cuts or wounds) and I have had no adverse effects. Try this! I have had unsightly toes on the left foot for many years and this is working!


  • I read all these posts and everyone talks about promising results , and new nail showing.

    Yet, I have yet to see the people come back months later and confirm the positive early indications actually lead to a cure.


  • Tired of spending oodles of money on prescription pills and ointments to get rid of that fungas? If so... STOP! Here is a remedy that I swear by that has worked not only for my mom but for nearly all the clients I have recommended this to (Im an Esthetician). Simply follow the instructions and with in 1 month you will see AMAZING results.

    NOTE***If this is your first treatment make sure you soak your feet or hands as long as possible (While your watching a program at night is a great time)

    What you will need:
    Foot basin, Lysol or antibacterial soap, Q-tip or eye dropper, Bleach, Olive oil, nail clippers and some sort of "picking tool" (strong toothpicks work well)

    1) Soak feet in a basin or foot bath with really warm water (as warm as you can stand.) ADD either Lysol disinfectant OR antibacterial soap (Both work well)
    2) Once feet are thoroughly soaked dry feet well and clip your toenails **make sure you cut healthy nails before you cut infected nails and wash thoroughly after each use )
    3) Your fungas should be pliable so take your "picking tool"and extract the fungas from underneath the nail(s)
    4) briefly dip your feet back in the water to make sure the loose flakes of fungas get washed away, dry well
    5) with an eye dropper or q-tip get the bleach, apply UNDER CUTICLE, ON TOP OF NAIL AND UNDERNEATH THE NAIL.
    6)With a q-tip or cottonball apply Oilive oil on and under the nail to help seal in the bleach and prevent the skin around your nail from drying. This also helps to suffocate the fungas and cuts off oxygen as well.
    7) put your socks on and continue your day.

    ***In the mornings simply have your shower and apply the bleach and olive oil, thats it.
    **** You dont have to cut your nails every day just do this once a week. but MAKE SURE every night you: Soak feet, scrape under nail, applly bleach and olive oil.

    Thats it :) Please try this and give me the feedback :) thanks!


  • what can I use for thick nails???
    please help me :S


  • Can anyone help me as i am reading all comments about nail fungal,One person says use bleach,then another says,dont use bleach,Can anyone suggest something that will work please,many thanks!!!!


  • I've read online for a week on killing nail fungus. I have had lamisil (lamisil is a 6 month treatment) prescribed which didn't work not alone it was costly. So 3 days ago I mixed ACV, bleach, onion, lemon extract and a bit of warm water & soaked my feet for 20 minutes 2 days in a row. The third morning I decided to file the nail and once I looked my nail was soft, white and simply started to come off when I touched it. I have been applying olive oil once I'm finished with the soak. 2-3 times after the soak during the day I rub the nail with ACV & soak a cotton ball with it and attach it tightly with a bandaid. THIS IS DEFINITELY WORKING FOR ME. Good luck!


  • I noticed about a week ago that I had a fungus under my pinky nail. It's a little greenish, but faint. I did nothing to it assuming it was just a bruise, but it's still there!! I am sure this is a fungus. I will try the cider vinegar and see what happens. I use cider vinegar on my face as a toner, softener and astringent for my face. It ALSO works well for ph balance under the arms (pit) and for my scalp. I figured before I started searching for a home remedy cure that vinegar would be a solution. Thanks for sharing all of your experiences and results...I will let you know how things turn out in a week or so.


  • I am using Windex which has both ammonia (dilute) and alcohol (dilute) and slowly the fungus affected nail is growing out clear. I think I will start using straight ammonia next to see if it works faster. Ammonia kills off mold on the north side of the house on the siding so that's why I started with windex for that and then on my toes. It also gets rid of moss on the walks.
    I also spray it in my shoes at night because everything evaporates including the water that's in it. I'm a little afraid of vingar in my shoes that it might wreck my shoes.
    I have to laugh when I view My Big Fat Greek Wedding where her Dad uses Windex for everything.


  • I'm researching a treatment for thrush, which is a fungal infection in a horse's foot, lol! Soaking does penetrate better. We turn the horses out in soaking boots and let them slosh around for awhile. The movement helps even more for penetration. Sometimes, in wet weather, soaking is just more "wet". There's a new thrush remedy called No Thrush that is diatomacious earth, copper salts and oregano in a powder, for a dry application. Works on skin infections like rain rot etc. as well. We also have a product called White Lightning that is an oxine solution that produces a gas. You soak the hoof in a soaking boot with a bag attached and taped further up the leg to trap the gas. Someone mentioned a cheaper version that was more available to them for this process, called Pentosan at the drug store. Might be worth looking into. Oxine is safe, bleach is not.
    Internally, the goal is to get the trace minerals balanced, with copper being the star player. We also look to strengthening the immune system.
    Hope this helps...


  • Hello! I have been aware that I have had nail fungus for about 2 years. I think it is really embarrassing. Anyway I have tried store bought treatments and they have not worked for me. I have even been to the doctor about this and they gave me a prescription for some really expensive pills. I looked up the reviews and side effects. It didn't seem worth the time and money to try out that method. Then I looked up some natural remedies and I have decided to try out the vicks treatment. I have an issue with using this stuff regularly but I am going to devote this week to my toenails. I have seen some positive results with this stuff before, but I wasn't using it everyday. This is how I have been applying it. I would shower then scrape the nasty fungus out from under the nail and out of the sides of the nail, the best that I can. Then I apply the vicks under and over the nail, making sure getting the cuticles and the sides of the nail. That appears to be where the fungus starts growth. I'll let you guys know how it goes.


  • I am really leery of using bleach on my skin but plan to try the cornmeal soak, vinegar and possibly the Vicks. I am going to use flip flops in the shower also. When you put the Vicks on, i assume you have to wear socks to keep it from getting all over the sheets. I will keep you posted later on.


  • Going to try a few of the home remedy techniques, hope they work.. Fingers crossed =\


  • @chelles, @Cynthia Sanderson

    Go buy a bleach pen. It has two sides with bristles on the ends that are great for rubbing the bleach under and in the sides of your nails. The great things about the bleach pen is that you can control where the bleach goes and prevent it from getting on your skin. Let it completely dry and then rinse. This has been one of the best fungus treatments I've found. Goodluck!

    (I've also used peroxide and Vics.)


  • Thank you. I appreciate this information as do not have insurance Btw I am a native born resident....before someone spouts



  • "Thursday Plantation" brand Tea Tree oil is what worked for me. I had the icky nail for about 3 years.
    My German, holistic experienced aunt told me that this particular type of Tea Tree oil had special powers. So whatever, I believe her now. But that's because I see a healthy nail in front of me and I thought that would never happen. And my doctor tried to get me to permanently remove it!! (yes it was that icky)

    I wasn't real diligent at first, but when my aunt made me realize it was not the amount of tea tree oil, it was the consistency, I got on board. One tiny drop (no more it's a waste) every single night. Put a bandage on it and go to bed. Every single day. I saw results within a few months of actual diligent application. I think it only took me 3 months to seriously start doing it every day (or at least 28 of the 30 days).

    It took a little over a year for that awful nail to grow out but it did. We were with each other for over 4 years in the end... and that b**** finally left. Like an ex who won't move out.

    And what I like about it, is that once it was grown out, I did continue treatement for a couple more months, like many of these other posts suggest. But I am 8 years fungi free baby! I tried pills, creams, and vinegar--and nothing worked even a little bit.

    Thursday Plantation Tea Tree Oil is what worked for me. Something about that brand. And I just googled it because I wanted to make sure that what I was posting wasn't ridiculous... oh my goodness, she was right. Google it. I just watched a couple of very convincing videos on youtube. If I didn't have a nice normal big toe looking at me right now I wouldn't believe it but it's true.



  • I have tried soaking my fingers in vinegar and peroxide for 1hr everyday rubbing with vicks afterwards but nothing seems to be working.I have tried terbisil 250mg tablets and also teetree oil. 1 month has gone by and no change, my nail looks worst now than before


  • Eucalyptus is a natural anti-fungus anti bacterial essential oil Im sure that is why Listerine works- because eucalyptus is one of the mail ingredients


  • I took Lamisil pills for 9 months when this first started on my big left toe 6 years ago. Zero results. So I clipped off the detached portion of the nail and started using a syringe with no needle in it to irrigate as far up under the remaining nail as I could get with regular strength Hydrogen Peroxide (not strong enough to beach hair). I eventually got myself fungus free, but I had to stay at it, morning and night, for the whole year that it took the new nail to completely come in. This week, I removed my nail polish and was horrified to see that the same nail is becoming detached yet again. So I believe now that one of two things has happened: either the peroxide treatment killed 99% of the fungus and I was never truly free of it, or my love of very dark nail polish creates the perfect environment for new fungus to set up shop. Since its the same nail, its likely a combination of the two. Anyway, its back to the bottle for me - hydrogen peroxide to start, and then, if I ever get over this, only pale polishes forever after.


  • Okay, I don't want to turn this into my own blog or anything... So back to the bottle. I've cut and filed away most of the detached nail, and I was very pleased to find that the nail underneath is almost completely grown out. Meaning I discovered this problem this week, but I had this problem last year. At least I won't have an alien-looking toe for a year. So I've been irrigating with HP all evening while I watch TV, and now I've globbed Vicks VapoRub on it and covered it wth a bandaid for the night. Day One of the rest of my life. Hmmm. I'll let you know how this goes.


  • Regarding using corn meal for toenail fungus.
    Should I discard the corn meal after each use?
    This could get a little expensive.
    Also vinegar. Discard after each use?


  • Absolutely discard any ingredients, whether corn meal, vinegar..., after using. Do not reuse! Corn meal and vinegar go a long way and are extremely inexpensive so that should not be a concern.


  • I forgot to come back here and report all last year, because I was able to nearly forget about this problem. The answer is definitely peroxide for me, combined with very short, bare nails. If I use nail polish for any occasion, I take it off again shortly after. I also continue to irrigate with peroxide after my shower a couple times a week. This works.


  • Ive tried over the counter meds, did nothing, tried soaking in vinegar, no difference, vicks no difference, tea tree oil seems like helped but hardly worth talking about.


  • Aw, too bad.! Tea Tree oil worked so well for me. Be diligent about it. You've gotta do it everyday. :-) I also tried the pills, the cremes, peroxide, vinegar... tea tree oil is the only thing that worked for me in the long run. Sometimes it would seem like it was working, but then the nail would grow in all gross again.
    Thursday Plantation Tea Tree oil.


  • Hi there

    i am from South Africa and i have very bad toenail fungus. I've used and tried many things. The best form of nail fungle removal that I've used is lamispor 250. Its a box of 14 tablets that must be taken everyday. You will find that there are 14 tablets in a box and a month consists of 30 day. 2 boxes is a month supply with a day break inbetween each box, due to the fact that its a bit harsh on the liver. it basically fights any fungus from the inside out. You have to do a full 6 month cycle. If you do not complete the 6 month cycle like i did then the fungus will return after atleast 2 years. I've only did a 3 month cycle. i will be starting a new 6 month cycle soon and will keep you guys updated. Just for safety sake i think its best you repeat this 6 month cycle every 3 - 4 year.


  • My Manicurist told me I have fungus in my fingernails. I have never heard of this before. I am 55 yrs of age. I already take vitamin E everyday and other supplements. The manicurist recommended this: a mixture of white vinegar and the gold label Listerine mouthwash. Wow this really stinks. yuk. but after reading everyone's input, I think I am gonna try the Tea Tree Oil and the use of a eye dropper. I will see how this works. I am sad because now I cannot have my nails done any more. wa wa.



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